We are a family owned business with innovative products that
celebrate and enhance the deep bond between dogs, horses, and their human
companions.  We solve problems for pet parents
with our innovative, stylish, and practical dog and horse accessories. Whether
you're a dedicated equestrian, a loving dog owner, or both, we've got you
covered. We believe that animals are family and as such, we are committed to
enhancing this extraordinary relationship through our unique products.

Purple dog tag silencer and collar shown on brown dog


Woofhoof's beginning came from this dedication - to create products that would enhance the relationship and conversation between dogs, horses, and their human partners.

Come visit our store - our dog treat pouches, horse treat pouches, dog tag covers, equestrian cell phone cases, dog lover’s magnets, collars and leashes reflect the connection with and love we all have for these beautiful animals.  

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About Us

  • Family Run Business

    We are a family-run business with a focus on quality, functional dog and horse products and superior customer service

  • Thoroughly Tested

    We thoroughly test all our designs before launching them to our customers to ensure our products are durable and stylish

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority; if you are unhappy, we want to know about it and will make it right!

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Our Peace Tag is a unique dog tag cover that protects your dog's tags while keeping them silent (and “peace”ful).  Reducing tag noise is very helpful for any dog owner who is bothered by noisy metal dog tags. Plus, it’s a fashion accessory that is both durable and stylish!


Infomational articles for our Woofhoof community to help enlighten and inform for our loved ones.

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