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Say goodbye to bulky, awkward, unattractive dog treat pouches!

Rewarding your faithful pup has never been easier! Woofhoof's dog treat pouch is the very best quality bag for dog treats with its slim, stylish profile that features a strong magnet closure,  giving you immediate access to treats for your dog when you need them. Whether walking, running, training, or playing with your dog, our treat pouch stays put at your hip while you focus on rewarding your best friend. Our treat pouch has many top notch features:

  • A magnetic closure for quick treat retrieval to positively reinforce our dog’s behavior

  • No dropped treats! With our innovative design, treats will not fall out even if you bend over

  • Durable nylon exterior that withstands all your training activities and an interior that is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 

  • Not bulky but expands on when you need more room for treats

  • Reinforced with corset boning for additional structure and stability

  •  Available in 7 popular colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Purple, Pink, Lime, and Orange

  • Machine washable, gentle cycle, line dry

  • Size: 6 wide, 4.5 inches tall, the bottom gusset has a 1 ½ inch expandable width

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Our Bond-Enhancing Dog Treat Pouch

Unleash the true potential of your bond with your furry friend using our sleek and stylish Dog Treat Pouch, designed to make treat access a breeze during training and walks. Experience the seamless connection that comes with rewarding your pup, enhancing your relationship with every treat. Perfect for animal lovers looking to strengthen their bond with their canine companions, this pouch is a must-have. Discover how this simple tool can transform your interactions and foster positive bonding.

About Our Dog Treat Pouch

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    Customer satisfaction is our top priority; if you are unhappy, we want to know about it, and will make it right!

    We thoroughly test all of our designs before launching them to our customers and work through many iterations until we land on a product stylish, useful and most of all durable. This is how we are a Top Amazon Seller with 2800+ 4.7 star reviews across all of our products to satified customers.