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The ancient art of batik is a method of decorating fabric that originated in the Far East at least 2000 years ago. By "painting" on cotton or silk with melted wax beautiful designs can be created, from flowers to sophisticated landscapes as subtle as a painting. At Woofhoof, we wanted to bring this art form to you and your dog.

Our process was a careful selection of batik fabrics that were then professionally photographed. From the photographs, a computerized screen was developed to transfer the design onto a satiny ribbon, creating an original Batik collar. We then sew the ribbon with super soft nylon that won’t irritate your dog’s skin or mat his hair.  We finish our collars with quality hardware and stitching to ensure your product lasts a long time.

Patterns include: Rasta Orange, Green Swirl, Blue Dream, and Purple Groove. In addition, we offer a beautiful traditional ribbon pattern with a delightful earth and peace sign motif (peaceful brown).

  •  Small: 1/2 inch wide, 8-12 inches long dog collar
  •  Medium: 3/4 inch wide, 10-14 inches long dog collar
  •  Large: 1 inch wide, 14-25 inches long dog collar
  •  X-Large: 1 1/2 inches wide, 18-28 inches long dog collar
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Celebrate Style with Our Batik Inspired Collars

Treat your furry friend to a blend of beauty, durability, and comfort with our exclusive collection of Batik Inspired Collars. Each collar is not just a high-quality accessory, but a piece of art that makes a bold fashion statement. Stand out on your next walk and ignite jealousy among your doggie friends!

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    Customer satisfaction is our top priority; if you are unhappy, we want to know about it, and will make it right!

    We thoroughly test all of our designs before launching them to our customers and work through many iterations until we land on a product stylish, useful and most of all durable. This is how we are a Top Amazon Seller with 2800+ 4.7 star reviews across all of our products to satified customers.