Best Things For Aging Pups

1) Slim is always best. Regardless how old your dog is, make sure he remain thin and healthy. Obesity in dogs, as with people, is terribly harmful to many diseases, including cancer. In addition, extra weight will put damaging strain on his joints and organs. Ensure your senior is eating a high quality food, preferable raw food, in a scaled back serving size that reflects his current level of activity.
2)  Exercise. It’s very important the physical and mental health of our older dogs be maintained as they age into the latter part of their lives. Just because they may seem tired or lacking energy, they should still continue to get ample exercise a slower pace to loosen muscles and joints and stimulate their senses.  
3) Help support aging joints: Joint supplements can be a powerful aid to assist aging pups with stiff joints. These supplements reduce stiffness, promote ligament and tendon health, and help prevent cartilage wear and tear. They are also powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Look for ingredients with chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and MSM. Older dogs can get often become unsteady and are at risk of falls on slippery surfaces. As such, place runners or area rugs on your hardwood floors for added traction. Also, if your pup has a weak back-end, consider a soft, padded belly sling with a handle to help your dogs walk when necessary.
4)  Teeth Care. Good dental health is very important for your dog’s overall wellness. Unchecked tartar build up can cause gingivitis, which can cause bacteria to circulate through your dog’s blood stream and harm his internal organs. It’s essential to keep up with the daily tooth brushing throughout his life.
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