• Terms of Service

    Commitment to Quality & Service

    At Woofhoof we are dedicated to providing quality service. We want you to be a happy and loyal customer and providing outstanding service is our vehicle to establishing this. All of our products are made with care and diligence to provide you enjoyment and service for a long time. If you are not satisfied with a product from our organization, just exchange or return it. (see returns/exchanges for details) We also do not charge a handing fee on orders. You will only be charged for actual shipping costs.

    Finally, we want to hear from you. We want to know about your horse or dog partner so send us a picture and tell us how your special animal has enriched your life.

  • Privacy Policy

    Your Privacy Matters

    At  Woofhoof, under no circumstances, will we exploit your  personal information in any way. We will not sell or distribute any private  information you provide to us during the course of making a purchase.

    We want our relationship to be respectful and  long lasting and Woofhoof will only contact you with beneficial information about new products or special offers.